Whatcha Brewing Specialty Coffee Maroochydore.

So much more than a coffee shop, Whatcha Brewing is an experience. Now selling our famous coffee beans online and in-store.

for the love of coffee

Whatcha Brewing Maroochydore.

Whatcha Brewing Specialty Coffee Co. is a espresso Bar in the heart of  Maroochydore, QLD with exceptional service and quality,  We offer locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee beans by Tim Adam Specialty Coffee Co  as well as Barista Courses at our Maroochydore location.

About Harrison

Our Story.

During my 27 years, I have become a young entrepreneur that has experienced plenty of negativity.

The attitude has occurred randomly and regularly in his social groups, school and jobs. Not that there is anything blatantly different about Mr Hedges. But there is a little difference and once kids at school found that difference, it made him vulnerable.

“You know what kids can be like,” he says. “They find your vulnerable place and go for it – people can be cruel.”

The owner of Whatcha Brewing Specialty Coffee Co at the Big Top lives with epilepsy, mild cerebral palsy (CP) and mild autism. His epilepsy is controlled by medication and the type of CP he has, Dandy-walker syndrome, affects his right side.